Community Pathways

Community Pathways provides independent information and guidance on nearly 40 different community approaches to action on climate change - from running pledge campaigns to establishing bulk buy schemes to developing community renewables projects. The website also provides links to a wide range of community examples in action and further resources and information that may be relevant to each approach. The site currently has an emphasis on energy issues but other issues like food and transport are touched on.

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We hope Community Pathways will help by providing accessible information that will enable:

1.     Communities plan and deliver more successful and effective community energy projects. In particular helping communities to:

  • Identify what could be achievable given different community circumstances and contexts in order to fashion realistic goals
  • Decide how to best deliver chosen climate change related outcomes, for example energy efficiency or renewable energy
  • Identify further sources of information, resources and example projects

2.     Community partners develop, frame and deliver programmes that better reflect the needs of communities and reduce the barriers to the growth of community energy action. Community partners could for example be community support officers in local authorities and NGOs or private sector partners like energy suppliers.

3.     Funders and policy makers understand better the potential community energy action has and support their role in creating the conditions within which community energy action can flourish.

The Community Pathways website has been developed on behalf of the Forum by a range of partners that includes:

1.Brook Lyndhurst

2.Centre for Sustainable Energy

3.Jim Kirkpatrick& Laura Whitehead (website design + development)

4.Peter Capener(project lead)

5.Severn Wye Energy Agency

This core team has been advised by:

The Community Pathways website has been funded by:

1.      Bristol City Council(via DECC's Local Carbon Frameworks programme)

2.      The Welsh Government

3.      Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

4.      The Ashden Trust

5.      The JJ Charitable Trust

6.      The Mark Leonard Charitable Trust

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