Membership Criteria


To qualify for membership of the CEPF, an organisation must meet ALL of the following criteria

  • Charitable/not-for-profit constitution
  • Paid staff working to deliver community action on energy through direct and sustained contact with communities
  • Working with more than one community, with a purpose of stimulating further action and disseminating good practice
  • Agree with the statement of purpose and principles (provide link to relevant text elsewhere on site)

This is not then a network for individual community energy organisations, there are many other networks that these organisations can join. This is a network for those charitable organisations that support community energy organisations.

The organisation need not be solely devoted to community action on energy but it should be a meaningful component of its work and it should be able to conform with criteria 4 as an organisation, not just an individual member of staff.

Organisations which represent a federation or ‘movement’ (eg Groundwork, Transition Network) are also welcome to join (subject to them meeting the above criteria), though membership will only be open to the ‘umbrella’ organisation, rather than its member groups.

There will be an application process (i.e. form to complete with supporting evidence) with all membership applications requiring confirmation from a meeting of the Forum (or its governing body as and when such a structure exists).

It will be a condition of membership that all members participate regularly in CEPF’s development and activities.

Individual member category

There are some practitioners operating in this sphere in their own right and in an independent capacity who could both contribute to, and benefit from, membership of CEPF. There will therefore be a category of individual membership which includes criteria 2 – 4 above and which has the additional requirement that the individual’s application must be sponsored by an existing Forum member.