The Community Energy Practitioners’ Forum is a network that brings together the leading charities (link to members page) empowering and supporting action by communites on sustainable energy across the UK. 

The Forum has the potential to translate the considerable combined knowledge and experience of its members to meet the growing need for:

  • coherent national programmes to stimulate and support community-led sustainable energy initiatives;
  • a range of well-tested, high quality ‘open source’ resources available to all;
  • a strong and coherent voice to promote both the value of community-led action on energy and the importance of professional, technically-competent support to stimulate and enable communities to deliver effective results.

By realising this potential, the Forum will help to amplify significantly the positive impact of any single member organisation and the communities it supports. And, by working together, Forum members can reduce duplication of effort and make more effective use of resources and funding.